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International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control


Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


This article discusses invariant subspaces of a matrix with a given partition structure. The existence of a nontrivial structured invariant subspace is equivalent to the possibility of decomposing the associated system with multiple feedback blocks such that the feedback operators are subject to a given constraint. The formulation is especially useful in the stability analysis of time-delay systems using the Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional approach where computational efficiency is essential in order to achieve accuracy for large scale systems. The set of all structured invariant subspaces are obtained (thus all possible decompositions are obtained as a result) for the coupled differential-difference equations associated with the differential-difference equations of retarded and neutral types, as well as systems with a time-varying delay. It was shown that the known ad hoc methods of reducing the dimensions of delay channels can be considered as special cases of decomposition where one subsystem has trivial dynamics. The reduction of computational cost is demonstrated by a numerical example. For the general case, a recursive procedure is developed to obtain the set of all structured invariant subspaces. Based on this procedure, a method is presented to obtain a nontrivial structured invariant subspace that considers computational efficiency and increased possibility of terminating in a finite number of steps.