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Rebecca Collier

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Chaya Gopalan


lidocaine, lidocaine infusion, multimodal analgesia, perioperative pain management



Postoperative pain is a challenge in healthcare, with more than 50% of patients reporting inadequate pain control (Zengin, Saracoglu, Eti, Umuroglu, & Gogus, 2015). Inadequately controlled pain can negatively impact a patient’s quality of life, recovery, and cause postsurgical complications (Chou et al., 2016). Aims for acute pain management focus on reducing the incidence and severity of pain in order to improve patient function, minimize side effects, and prevent further complications (Gordon et al, 2016). Implementing a multimodal approach to pain control that includes a lidocaine bolus followed by continuous infusion has resulted in reduced opioid consumption, fewer adverse side effects, and lower pain scores postoperatively. This projects purpose was to review the literature regarding perioperative lidocaine infusions for adults, determine best practice, and provide education to anesthesia providers at a tertiary care center in central Illinois. The results of the project implied there was an increase in provider knowledge about lidocaine infusions and support for the implementation of an adult lidocaine infusion protocol.

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