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Spring 4-28-2023

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DNP Project

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Beth McCoy

Project Team Faculty Member

Mary Zerlan


cornea, abrasion, anesthesia, complication, quality improvement


Corneal abrasions are the most common ophthalmic injuries that occur in the perioperative period. Corneal abrasions that occur while the patient is under anesthesia are the result of either physical trauma, exposure, or patient related factors. Anesthesiology departments rarely develop continuing education focusing on the reduction of corneal abrasion incidence. Evidenced-based guidelines for corneal abrasion prevention techniques were reviewed while developing an educational program focused on corneal abrasion prevention amongst a group of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). An educational presentation was given to twenty-eight CRNAs. The goal of the presentation is to reduce corneal abrasions in the perioperative setting, educate CRNAs the risk factors associated with increased occurrence of corneal abrasions, and practices reduce corneal abrasions. Pre-and post-tests were performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the educational presentation. After completion of the post-test, the results showed an improvement in the knowledge base related to corneal abrasions.

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