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Fall 11-1-2016

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International Journal of Digital Television


Mass Communications


Since 2010 Mongolian television has been in transition from analogue to digital.

This article introduces the process of digital transition of television, and then

discusses challenges television stations face in terms of the audio-visual market and

policies. The Mongolian media market has structural constraints typical to those

in the small media states. In addition, new challenges like the financial dependency

on the mining sector tax, an unsustainable number of politically affiliated

commercial television stations, and the remnants of socialist institutional routines

in media organizations also shape the television sector in Mongolia. The study

also explores the state of public interest media services and opportunities due to the

increasing convergenceo f televisionw ith the Internet. The argumentsa re built based

on an analyses of existing legal and market studies, and in-depth interview data

with professionals representing media, government and civil society institutions in