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Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


This article studies the strong stability of scalar difference equations of continuous time in which the delays are sums of a number of independent parameters tau_i, i = 1, 2, . . . ,K. The characteristic quasipolynomial of such an equation is a multilinear function of exp(-tau_i s). It is known that the characteristic quasipolynomial of any difference equation set in the form of one-delayper- scalar-channel (ODPSC) model is also in such a multilinear form. However, it is shown in this article that some multilinear forms of quasipolynomials are not characteristic quasipolynomials of any ODPSC difference equation set. The equivalence between local strong stability, the exponential stability of a fixed set of rationally independent delays, and the stability for all positive delays is shown, and relations with the structured singular value problem are presented. A procedure to determine strong stability in the special case of up to three independent delay parameters in finite steps is developed. This procedure means that the structured singular value problem in the case of up to three scalar complex uncertain blocks can be solved in finite steps.