The Use of Pre-recorded Lectures on Student Performance in Physiology

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Journal of Curriculum and Teaching


Kinesiology & Health Education


There has been an increase in reliance on pre-recorded lectures (PRL) as a source of learning in place of live-lectures (LL) in higher education today but whether PRL can effectively replace LL remains unknown. We tested how students performed in the exam questions when PRL replaced LL. While PRL+ group included those students who watched the video lectures, PRL- group was composed of students who either did not utilize these videos or accessed only briefly. Additional analysis involved the separation of exam questions, from both LL and PRL, into memory questions (MQ; basic factual details) and comprehension questions (CQ; requiring processing of the given information) and their comparisons. We did not find any significant difference in student performance between the LL and PRL groups as well as between LLMQ and PRL+MQ groups. However, students in the LL group performed significantly better on CQ compared to the PRL+ group (P