Advanced Micro-/Nanostructured Wicks for Passive Phase-Change Cooling Systems

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Spring 3-25-2021

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Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering


Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Heat pipes and vapor chambers have been widely utilized for the thermal management of electronic devices due to their effective heat transport, passive cooling operation, and high reliability. In these devices, a wick structure transports a working fluid from the heat sink to the heat source via capillary action in the wick structure. This paper provides a broad overview of the latest studies on the development of Micro-/Nanostructured wicks for passive cooling systems. Micro/nanopillar-based wick structures provide a high capillary pressure, a large permeability, and larger areas for evaporation, resulting in a significantly higher heat removal capability and dryout heat flux. A special emphasis is placed on the various types and geometries of wick structures and their performance. Additionally, limitations and recommendations for future investigations are discussed.

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