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Communication Teacher


Applied Communication Studies


Although a good deal of research has been published that compares the effectiveness of communication courses delivered in face-to face and online formats, much less is known about the comparative effectiveness of fully online versus hybrid (a.k.a. blended, mixed mode) courses. Thus, this research project examined student perceptions of teaching effectiveness and learning achievement efficacy in online and hybrid basic communication courses. This two-part study assessed student perceptions (N = 136) about halfway through the semester and again after finishing the course (N = 156). The examination revealed several key conclusions. First, technology constraints must be overcome pedagogically for students to feel prepared in terms of course content comprehension, as well as formal speech construction and delivery. Second, when students enroll in hybrid courses unaware of the technology-enhanced delivery format, they may perceive an expectancy violation that reduces their motivation to attend to the material. Finally, although students value the opportunity to take fully online and hybrid courses, they desire more interaction