Submissions from 2016

The Long Term Effectiveness of Drug Treatment Court on Reducing Recidivism and Predictors of Voluntary Withdrawal, Jeremy Jewell, Paul Rose, Rachel Bush, and Kayla Bartz


A Qualitative Metasynthesis of Consultation Process Research: What We Know and Where to Go, Daniel Newman, Elizabeth L.W. McKenney, Arlene E. Silva, Mary Clare, Diane Salmon, and Safiyah Jackson


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Augmentation of SSRI Reduces Cortisol Levels in Older Adults with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial, Christopher B. Rosnick, Julie L. Wetherell, Kamila S. White, Carmen Andreescu, David Dixon, and Eric J. Lenze

Submissions from 2015


The Compensatory Role of Implementation Intentions for Young Adults with Low Working Memory Capacity, J Thadeus Meeks, Margarida Pitães, and Gene A. Brewer