Department of Applied Health, Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Nurse Anesthesiology, Department of Psychology, Center for Predictive Analytics

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Fall 2023


Regular physical activity is a proven routine for weight management in addressing obesity. Another method that has gained attention for its health benefits is intermittent fasting (IF). Physical and cognitive abilities while on these routines are poorly understood in the obese population. Sixty-five male Sprague Dawley rats at 7 weeks of age were subjected to diet-induced obesity by feeding a high-fat diet (HFD) or a standard diet (SD) for 8 weeks, after which behavioral testing was performed to detect any changes in physical and cognitive abilities. Rats from the HFD-fed (now considered obese) and SD-fed groups were then subjected to IF (18-hour fast and 6-hour feeding daily), voluntary wheel running (VWR), or control conditions for 3 weeks before repeating the same behavioral testing protocol. [...]


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