Date of Award

Spring 5-8-2020

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Mary Zerlan

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Lisa Green

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Michelle Ertel


emotional intelligence, emotional skills, student, nurse anesthesia, training


Becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) involves didactic and clinical course work that challenges the student’s cognitive, mental, and emotional well-being. Standardized cognitive factors, such as grade point average, are utilized for nurse anesthesia program admission, but those factors do not take into account the student’s emotional intelligence. The ability to manage one’s emotions has a positive correlation with academic success (Beauvais, Stewart, DeNisco, & Beauvais, 2014) and has been correlated with greater success in nurse anesthesia programs (Collins, 2013).

The goal of this doctoral project was to increase the emotional intelligence of first-year students in the nurse anesthesia program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. A two-hour emotional intelligence educational seminar was created and delivered to the students during their second semester. During the first hour of the seminar the students were presented information on emotional intelligence and during the second hour the students worked in small groups to discuss emotional intelligence case scenarios. Upon completion of the seminar the students completed an anonymous survey. The survey results indicated the seminar was well received, and the students felt the information on emotional intelligence would help them adapt to the high demands of the nurse anesthesia program.

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