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Spring 5-2020

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DNP Project

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Dr. Debra Jenkins

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Rebecca Collier


compliance, medication regimen, medication management, optimization, medication guidelines, preoperative


Improving the Process of Making Preoperative Home-Medication Recommendations

Many patients presenting for surgery have a list of prescribed medications they take daily to treat various comorbidities. Even though prescription drugs may offer patients therapeutic benefits during the perioperative period, they may also cause adverse effects when used in conjunction with anesthesia during surgery (Marley, Calabrese, & Thompson, 2014). Therefore, identification of medications for the preoperative patient to take or withhold is necessary.

Research indicates that clinicians often make inappropriate decisions regarding preoperative medication management in settings where no guideline exists (Renew, Bolton, Alvarado, & De Ruyter, 2015; Symons & McMurry, 2014). Because of this, a guideline was developed and implemented in order to improve the process of making preoperative home-medication recommendations at a regional hospital in central Illinois. The guideline was transposed onto a color-coded reference tool that nursing staff utilized during preoperative phone calls in order to appropriately instruct patients on which medications to take or withhold during the preoperative period. The nursing staff reported that the implementation of this guideline and reference tool improved the accuracy and efficiency with which they were able to give preoperative medication instructions to their patients. Future projects focusing on improving patient comprehension of instructions may be useful.

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