Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2019

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Mary Zerlan

Project Team Faculty Member

Rebecca Luebbert


perioperative, warming, bair hugger, surgical, blankets, temperature, hypothermia, forced-air, prevention, pre-warming


Despite the ample amount of knowledge and interventions available to keep patients warm in the operating room, the issue of inadvertent perioperative hypothermia continues to be a problem affecting surgical patients. Unfortunately, even a mild degree of hypothermia can increase a patient’s chance for negative outcomes such as surgical site infections, bleeding, and higher risk for mortality. The project involved development of a warming protocol/guideline for a small community hospital. The implementation process consisted of two separate presentations tailored to educate both nursing and anesthesia staff about the importance of warming patients, reimbursement initiatives, and appropriate interventions.

The project study design utilized a non-experimental pretest-posttest evaluation. Results were used to evaluate both knowledge and utility of protocol after the educational presentations. A total of 20 providers did the pre-survey while only 9 did the post-survey. Data analyzed from the surveys included descriptive information such as demographics, knowledge-based, and protocol effectiveness. The data showed no variation in provider knowledge. Alternatively, the effectiveness of the protocol showed mixed results as most providers (66%) responded to a delay in utilizing the protocol. Over time, further feedback was able to confirm changes made within the facility to incorporate warming methods to improve patient outcomes.

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Project Methods

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