Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2019

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DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Cynthia Schmidt

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Kevin Stein


Hand-off tool, handover, report, post-operative communication, check list, patient safety, surgical patients


The issues surrounding the safety of patients and improving patient care outcomes in the pre-operative and post-operative environment, is one of ongoing focus and development. Post-operative, hand-off report is one aspect in the continuity of patient care that has affected patient outcomes. Clear, concise, and accurate communication concerning patients and their postoperative status is one way that providers and caregivers may ensure patient safety. There are many various organizations that emphasize the importance of clear, effective communication, in the form of a standardized hand-off tool to maximize patient safety. The purpose of the project was to standardize clear, concise, effective communication from post-anesthesia care. A hand-off tool was developed and implemented to assist in the standardizing process of post-anesthesia communication to intensive care and medical-surgical floors. A survey was used to evaluate the effectiveness and delivery of the hand-off tool. A power point presentation regarding the importance of the hand-off tool, and the results of the survey were shared with the anesthesia providers of the facility.

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Problem Statement

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Clinical Relevance

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Literature Review

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Conceptual Framework

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Project Methods

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Evaluation Process

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Final Reference List

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