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Spring 5-4-2018

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DNP Project

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Roberta Harrison, PhD

Project Team Faculty Member

Rebecca Luebbert, PhD


Diabetic Foot Screening Tool, Diabetic Foot Examinations, Provider Satisfaction, Prevention, Diabetic Foot Care, Patient Education



Problem: Providers in a Midwest rural clinic identified that foot care is often overlooked due to the complexity of diabetic patients and limited time available during office visits.

Purpose: This project examined the utility of an evidence-based, diabetic foot screening tool, provider satisfaction with the tool, and provider perceptions regarding foot care in a busy primary care practice.

Methodology: Providers were instructed on using the screening tool. The tool was utilized on all diabetic patients during office visits over a two-month period. Anonymous surveys were distributed and a focus group was conducted to gather post-implementation outcomes.

Results: Two providers completed the post-implementation survey and participated in the focus group. Providers were satisfied with the utility of the screening tool. This project resulted in a heightened awareness of the need to perform the recommended foot examinations. Providers also revealed that they would prefer an electronic version of the tool and that they did not agree with one protocol recommendation.

Conclusion: Utilizing a screening tool and having clients prepped before the provider entered the room reinforced the need to perform recommended foot examinations. Future projects may include providing an electronic format for the tool and provider education about evidence-based protocol recommendations.

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