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Spring 5-2019

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DNP Project

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Mary Barron

Project Team Faculty Member

Lisa Green


emergency severity index, triage, emergency department, nurse practitioner, education


This quality improvement project was created to help increase knowledge of the Emergency Severity Index (ESI) in the Emergency Department (ED), a form of triage used to categorize patients by their acuity. Proper ESI use shortens the length of stay times, door to provider times and reduces the number of patients that leave without being seen.

The goal of this project was to develop an online learning module that would increase the nurses’ knowledge of triage to enhance triage accuracy. Nineteen (19) emergency department nurses were given a pretest, an ESI educational presentation, and a follow-up post-test.

Data analysis indicated increased test scores after the educational presentation from a mean score of 13.89/25 points to an average of 17.44/25 points. Pre-and post-chart reviews showed an improvement in accuracy of triage scores from 67.67% to 81.99%, demonstrating an increased knowledge of the ESI and practice improvement. Additionally, results indicate that an APN could be an asset to the ED as the accuracy of triage improved.

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Problem Statement

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Clinical Relevance

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Literature Review

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Conceptual Framework

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Project Methods

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Evaluation Process

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