Date of Award

Spring 5-2019

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Cynthia Schmidt, PhD, RN

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Andrew Griffin, PhD, CRNA, APN


student registered nurse anesthetist, high fidelity simulation training, stress and anxiety, patient safety, simulation for orientation


Student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs) often rotate to many clinical settings for clinical practicum experiences. Each clinical site has unique operating room layouts, anesthesia cart organization, anesthesia machines, and protocols. Orientation to new settings is time-intensive, and lack of familiarity can interfere with learning and detract from the overall clinical experience. This project involves the development and implementation of a simulation “boot-camp” specifically designed to better prepare SRNAs to adapt more readily to clinical settings. Objectives for this project include reviewing the current evidence-based literature to determine the role of simulation-based learning in nurse anesthesia training, creating simulations in collaboration with the clinical site, developing a simulation “boot-camp” for SRNAs, and evaluating outcomes. The project was conducted at a large level 1 trauma center in central Illinois which also includes on its premises one of the largest simulation and healthcare engineering centers in the world. The purpose of this project was to expose students to the setup, resources, and protocols used on premises through the use of high-fidelity simulated crisis scenarios. The facility hopes to use this project as a template for designing orientation simulation scenarios for incoming staff and students from several disciplines.

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Problem Statement

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Clinical Relevance

Literature Review_aklaus_crambo.docx (18 kB)
Literature Review

Conceptual Framework_aklaus_crambo.docx (12 kB)
Conceptual Framework

Project Methods_aklaus_crambo.docx (17 kB)
Project Methods

Evaluation Process_instruments_aklaus_crambo.docx (19 kB)
Evaluation Process

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Final Reference List



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