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Spring 5-2019

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DNP Project

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Valerie Griffin

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Frank Lyerla

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Matt Costa


health portal, patient portal, patient portal application, portal, self-management, self managed care


Patient portal applications (PPAs) are secure website or computer/mobile device applications that allow 24-hour access to a patient’s electronic health record (EHR). Patient portal applications are intended to improve quality and access to health care by engaging patients to be more active in managing and monitoring their health. A large Midwest multispecialty organization’s Follow My Healthpatient portal application (FMH app) is underutilized by patients and providers. While evidence supports the use of web-based patient portal applications, only 17% of this organization’s patients use the FMH app, and even less use its direct messaging capabilities.

The purpose of this project was to increase awareness and use of the existing PPA at the clinic. This was accomplished through interviews, assessing patients’ knowledge and usage. Interviews were aimed at educating and raising patients’ awareness of the benefits and key features of the FMH app.

More than half (61%) of the patients who were previously aware of the PPA reported being active users of the application. By contrast, only 39% knew about the PPA but were not users.Results of the quality improvement initiative indicated a technology limitation as the most common reported reason for lack of PPA usage. It was concluded that increasing patient use and awareness of PPAs can be challenging for healthcare providers. Continued research, discussion, and advancement of PPAs will be necessary for portals to fully live up to the capability of empowering patients to manage and track their own healthcare, provide meaningful use of EHRs, and enhance patient–provider communication.

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