Date of Award

Spring 5-3-2024

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Bernadette Sobczak

Project Team Faculty Member

Amelia Perez


heart failure, heart failure reduced ejection fraction, exercise capacity, iron deficiency anemia, IV iron replacement, IV iron infusion


Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) significantly impacts patients’ quality of life. Similarly, iron deficiency (ID) anemia decreases the patient’s oxygen levels and functional ability due to fewer red blood cells and less oxygen binding capacity. Patients with heart failure frequently have a commonly overlooked comorbidity of ID anemia, which impacts almost 50% of the ambulatory patient population. Patients with HFrEF and ID anemia have decreased exercise capacity, increased fatigue, reduced oxygenation due to low hemoglobin, and increased hospital readmissions. The end goal of this implementation project was to increase the number of times providers screened for ID anemia in HFrEF patients and consideration of iron infusion when needed. Within two large suburban cardiology clinics, 15 patients with HFrEF were screened for ID anemia. The providers did not capture all patients screened at these facilities due to time constraints. A pre-and post-implementation survey was given to providers at the two clinics. Results from the survey found that most providers knew that screening HFrEF patients for ID anemia was necessary yet overlooked. Providers noted that they did not have a standard process for evaluating it. Providers’ feedback suggested that the screening tool, while useful and easy to use, some changes are needed to make it a part of routine practice. Other concerns included the feasibility of screening due to provider time constraints and the cost burden of iron infusions to patients.

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