Date of Award

Spring 2024

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Valerie Griffin

Project Team Faculty Member

Angela Andrews


Weighted, Blanket, Lap-Pad, Modalities, Psychiatric, Deep-Pressure


The complexity of treating sleep difficulties in patients with concurrent psychiatric disorders continues to be a struggle for the medical community. The mechanism that causes psychiatric disorders can induce insomnia or hypersomnia (Khurshid, 2018). There is also a growing interest in disturbed sleep ability to induce psychiatric episodes (Verkhratsky et al., 2020). This classic “Chicken or Egg Scenario” meets the modern focus on creating the best outcome for patients with the least medication, spurring interest in the holistic management of sleep disorders. The literature has little information on the use of weighted modalities for sleep management and anxiety in an inpatient psychiatric unit due to the difficulty of studying this population and the safety concerns. This DNP Project aimed to understand the nurses' experience using weighted modalities and identify barriers and safety concerns for future studies. Data was collected via anonymous surveys of nurses during the implementation of weighted modalities on a 13-bed secure acute psychiatric unit at a midwestern hospital. Results showed that using weighted lap pads for anxiety and weighted blankets for sleep could improve patient outcomes. Weighted modalities were well received by nurses and patients alike due to their positive impact on patients and the milieu while maintaining safety.

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