Date of Award

Spring 2024

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Valerie Griffin

Project Team Faculty Member

Rebecca Luebbert


PPD, postpartum depression, PHQ-9, mental health, resources, QR Code


Postpartum depression can have a detrimental effect on a mother's functional capacity, thereby impeding her ability to care for herself and her children and resulting in negative consequences. The PHQ-9 is an evidence-based screening and diagnostic tool for depression. Outcomes of women with postpartum depression are impacted due to inadequate screening, and evidence suggests that screening is only completed 40% of the time. This project was conducted within a home visiting program for mothers and infants within a vulnerable population in Central Illinois over four months. Nurses were given a QR code with mental health resources that would help patients who scored high on the PHQ-9 questionnaire. The primary goal of this initiative was to provide timely and appropriate mental health services to those in need and to enhance nurses' comfort level in discussing mental health. The project results indicated that resources being readily available contributed to positive patient outcomes. Improving access to resources, such as counseling and medication, can positively impact the prognosis of mothers with depression.

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