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Spring 5-2019

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DNP Project

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Dr. Amelia Perez

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Rebecca Luebbert


mental health screening, primary care mental health, traumatic event


Mental health status is not always assessed in patients involved in a physically traumatic event unless the patient expresses concern. Often times, orthopedic injuries are a result from a traumatic event. Routine mental health screening in the primary care orthopedic setting can help identify mental health care needs early so that adequate interventions can be implemented in a more effective manner. The goal of this project was to evaluate the feasibility of incorporating the use of a brief mental health screening tool in a primary care setting to assess the psychological needs of patients who have been involved in a physical traumatic event. The healthcare staff at an urban orthopedic clinic were educated on the use of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-4). Post-education surveys were collected. The staff noted that there was a need to implement this protocol in their orthopedic-trauma setting and that it would be feasible to implement. An evidence based protocol was developed and provided to the staff delineating what care interventions would be needed according to the patient’s PHQ-4 score. Further work is needed to evaluate if long term implementation would be successful at this site.

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