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Spring 5-2023

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DNP Project

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Rebecca Collier CRNA

Project Team Faculty Member

Leah Baecht CRNA


stress, peer mentorship, mentorship program, SRNA mentorship, mentor, mentee


Nurse anesthesia programs are associated with rigorous didactic work, doctoral projects, long clinical days, and high levels of financial debt (Mesisca & Mainwaring, 2021). Doctoral students experience significantly higher levels of stress than other graduate students, necessitating resources that support emotional wellness (Griffin et al., 2017). A mentorship program for student registered nurse anesthesiologists (SRNA) may help minimize perceived stress and lessen the adverse physical and psychological effects. While mentorships foster both personal and professional success for mentees, mentors also report increased interest in professional development, productivity, and satisfaction (Flexman & Gelb, 2011). This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of an established SRNA peer mentorship program in reducing stress and anxiety and improving confidence levels. The literature review identified four recommendations to foster program improvement: (1) match mentees with mentors of similar backgrounds, (2) integrate more structure, (3) assign mentors after admission and (4) involve faculty as mentors. Student mentors and mentees were surveyed to assess perceptions about the current program and the literature review findings. Results revealed SRNAs would like to be matched with peer mentors from similar backgrounds, ages, and life experiences and, during their third year, certified registered nurse anesthetists.

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Literature Review

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Conceptual Framework

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Project Methods

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Evaluation and Outcomes

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