Date of Award

Spring 5-2023

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Amy Hamilton


New Graduate Nurse, Professional Development


A 150-bed urban hospital in Chicago lacked a formal process to assist new graduate nurses (NGRN) in developing incremental goals as a part of their longitudinal plan during their first year of professional nursing practice. This left NGRNs feeling unsupported in their journey from novice to expert. With many NGRNs choosing to leave the nursing profession within the first year of practice, organizations must invest in programs to support their transition from academia to practice. This project implemented First Year Coaches and regularly scheduled touchpoints with NGRNs to increase intent to stay at the organization, feelings of support, and future professional development activity involvement.

Fifteen NGRNs were enrolled in the Transition to Practice Program during project implementation, and nine participated in professional development planning meetings. All NGRNs enrolled in the Transition to Practice Program completed the Casey Fink New Graduate Nurse Experience Survey and a confidential survey on intent to stay and intent to participate in future professional development activities.

NGRNs participating in monthly professional development planning meetings felt supported in their new professional nursing role, and 100% of program participants reported their intent to stay at the organization for one year after their start date. In addition, participants reported a desire to participate in future professional development activities.

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