Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2023

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Danielle Loftus

Project Team Faculty Member

Jerrica Ampadu


Cultural Competence, Smoking Cessation, Education, Provider toolkit, Quality improvement, Tobacco Cessation


Tobacco use disorder is a public health problem with a heavy economic burden as tobacco users are more likely to suffer from premature death and debilitating diseases. Literature supports clinicians engaging their patients in smoking cessation conversation with each visit. However, the lack of appropriate training as well as the lack of a handy toolkit on smoking cessation makes this difficult. The challenge of engaging in smoking cessation conversations is more apparent with specific vulnerable populations such as the underserved community of East St Louis. This DNP project utilized evidence-based guidelines with best practice research, the Five A's framework, and cultural competence to create an educational PowerPoint training for the staff at the We CARE Clinic in East St. Louis. In addition, the project involved the development of an educational pamphlet to engage with patients and provide education. The Staff was surveyed utilizing pre- and post-implementation surveys to test the effectiveness of our education on assisting the staff in engaging their patients on smoking cessation. On the post-test, 100% of respondents agreed they feel comfortable initiating a culturally competent conversation using the Five A's framework compared to 40% on the pre-test. While limitations included a small respondent pool of five, this data shows a favorable result of the toolkit and the potential for further project expansion.

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