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Spring 5-5-2018

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DNP Project

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Dr. Rebecca Collier


ERAS, Orthopedic ERAS, Orthopedic Fast-track, ERAS TKA, ERAS THA


The prevalence of total knee and hip replacement surgery is increasing related to a combination of factors including osteoarthritis, age, and obesity (Christelis et al., 2015). The increased demand for joint replacement, current cost, and length of stay (LOS) place an increasing burden on clinical and financial resources. Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols have facilitated improved outcomes, such as increased patient satisfaction, decreased LOS, and associated costs (Bernard & Foss, 2014; Husted, Holm, & Jacobsen, 2008). Development and subsequent anesthesia group education were the beginning steps toward orthopedic protocol implementation in this project. This practice project had two goals: developing an evidenced-based ERAS protocol built on outcomes of reviewed literature and introducing the protocol, and educating an anesthesia department at a tertiary care center. The results of the study confirmed the presentation increased anesthesia providers’ knowledge on ERAS. Staff indicated support in adopting the introduced protocol based on current literature. This project can be furthered through multi-departmental education encouraging collaboration as success is dependent on all phases of perioperative care. Ultimately, implementing an ERAS protocol is aimed at improving patient care in those undergoing lower extremity joint surgery.

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