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Spring 5-2023

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DNP Project

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Amy Hamilton

Project Team Faculty Member

Kay Gaehle


emergency department nurse, preceptor, preceptor development, preceptor workshop, nurse preceptor



The Emergency Department (ED) new graduate nurse (NGN) requires an orientation to prepare them to work with patients with complex medical issues in a challenging, fast-paced environment. Clinically competent and effective preceptors are essential to prepare an NGN to work in an emergency environment while adopting multiple active learning strategies. Preceptor education and training are necessary to improve the confidence and competence of the ED nurse preceptor. Currently, the project site lacked preceptor training specifically for the ED nurse preceptor.

This project aimed to develop a preceptor workshop to meet the training needs of the ED nurse preceptor. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected using a pre-and post-survey design. Workshop participants (n =16) attended an 8-hour event focused on communication, adult learning theory, performance evaluation, and teaching strategies for the ED nurse preceptor. The workshop used interactive learning methods, including group activities, case discussions, hands-on learning, and simulations.

The post-workshop survey results demonstrated increased confidence and ability to effectively perform the ED nurse preceptor role. The average weighted confidence level pre-workshop was 2.57 and post-workshop 3.69. Qualitative data suggested that the participants found the workshop valuable and provided them with teaching strategies for the ED preceptor role. The quantitative and qualitative data results were encouraging and supported the effectiveness of the ED preceptor workshop. One limitation identified for the project was the small sample size. Additional support-specific training may be required by the ED nurse preceptor to be confident and capable in the role.

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