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Spring 5-6-2022

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DNP Project

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Dr. Kelley McGuire

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr.Angela Andrews


telemedicine, depression, mental health, depression screening, pandemic


Background Major depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States, affecting nearly 17.3 million of the population. As cases continue to rise throughout the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, telemedicine has become a popular modality for accessibility to mental health care. Adequate screening, availability of resources and services, prompt treatment, and simple follow ups can contribute to treatment success rates and higher positive outcomes.

Theoretical Framework

The expanded collaborative chronic care model theoretical framework translates to this project in that it approaches management of patients with a team approach for those who screen positive for major depressive disorder in a telemedicine setting.


Over the course of 3 months, all incoming telemedicine calls were screened using the PHQ-2 by a team of physician assistants and one nurse practitioner. Any positive screenings were further evaluated with a diagnostic PHQ-9 tool and treatment planned following evidence-based guidelines.


Approximately 162 patients were screened and 18 were treated during the 3 months screening process. Staff involved with the process reported positive opinions related to the project, including ease of use and quality of patient care.

Implications for Practice

The screening process continues to be part of the telemedicine practice today, and the mental health branch has grown in direct relation to recognizing the growing volume. The telemedicine now incorporates a team of psychiatric nurse practitioners and therapists to support those who screen positive and may need additional treatment.

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