Date of Award

Spring 5-6-2022

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

April Schmidt

Project Team Faculty Member

Jessica Walker


Collaboration, integration, Service Expansion, Integrated Collaborative Care, Access to Care, Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care, Collaborative Integrative Service Expansion


BACKGROUND: The purpose of this project was to examine the effects of a newly integrated collaborative mental health care model. The primary goal of the integrated behavioral health program was designed to increase the ability of primary care providers to provide mental health services with the support and expertise of a consulting psychiatrist and behavioral health specialist. Additional goals were to improve access to care and improve mental health outcomes.

AIMS: The aim of this project was to evaluate a new way of integrating mental health services in a rural health, primary care practice in central Illinois.

METHODS: Measures were established to assess quality improvement efforts (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2021). Outcome, process, and balancing measures were assessed. Access to care was identified as the primary outcome measure of the project. Qualitative and quantitative surveys were used to collect data. Trends in depression screening were also analyzed.

RESULTS: Early entry into care at the primary care practice was demonstrated by survey results of 0-2 days for entry into care as compared to over a week at two local health departments. Depression screening data shows the entire practice at 30.81% patients screened for depression. Frequency of screening for the behavioral health program was 86%.

CONCLUSIONS: The Integrated Behavioral Health Care Model addresses community health needs assessments: IPLAN and CHNA and the Healthy People 2030 goal to “increase the ability of primary care and behavioral health professionals to provide a more high-quality health care to patients who need it."

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