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Spring 5-6-2022

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DNP Project

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Laurie Hopper

Project Team Faculty Member

Frank Lyerla


Ordersets, powerplans, standards of care


Healthcare facilities are constantly chasing through striving to meet interoperability and meaningful use requirements while still advancing the field through the concepts of evidence-based practice and value-based delivery modules. Healthcare facilities can encourage the healthcare team by utilizing computerized physician order entry using standardized ordersets. An orderset is a series of recommended orders based on different diagnoses, conditions, or treatments. It was noted that several errors and delays of care were occurring related to the paper process at a small Midwestern hospital. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to convert the remaining paper ordersets to electronic ordersets in the form of powerplans. After an extensive literature review was created, an interdisciplinary team was created to review the current paper ordersets, update and make changes as necessary and then build electronically. An orderset and protocol committee was the final approval process for the electronic validation before going live.

Along with this project, the medical staff was re-educated on the use and intention of powerplans. Ultimately three paper ordersets were converted from paper to electronic. Two were placed on hold due to staffing and resourcing, and the Induced Hypothermia orderset was discontinued as it was found this is no longer a best practice treatment. Unusual occurrences were reviewed pre and post-implementation and found that delays of care, absence of orders, and errors were reduced when the paper was eliminated.

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