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Spring 5-4-2018

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DNP Project

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Jackie Clement

Project Team Faculty Member

Ann Popkess

Project Team Faculty Member

Crystal Jesenick


Penicillin Allergy, Patient Stated Allergy, Skin testing, Penicillin Allergy Testing, Allergy History Assessment, De-labeling Allergies, Nursing Education, Education, Nurses, Allergy Documentation


The initial direction of the project was to develop and implement a research-based protocol to de-label hospitalized patients with a patient-stated penicillin allergy who were not truly allergic (Phase I). The project was abruptly halted due to the lack of data to justify the need, lack of sufficient communication among stakeholders, questions regarding financial cost of implementation, and strong concerns regarding educational needs of nursing staff. After developing the initial protocol, the project team was redirected to provide evidence-based allergy assessment education to the nursing staff to foster reliable and accurate patient interviews and documentation of the results (Phase II).

The education module was presented to ICU nursing staff in a PowerPoint presentation, which yielded positive evaluations. The electronic medical record was redesigned to allow for documentation of the enhanced allergy assessment. The learning materials were provided to the education department of the hospital for ongoing education of all patient care staff. The failure of Phase I of this project was due to the neglect of basic steps in project development, highlighting the importance of participation of all stakeholders from the beginning. The final project (Phase II) was a successful first step in improving nursing assessments of allergies.

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