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Spring 5-6-2022

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DNP Project

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Kelley Mcguire

Project Team Faculty Member

Angela Andrews


Depression, Geriatric, Nursing Home




Unidentified and untreated depression among nursing home residents leads to poor quality-of-life and substantial healthcare dollars are utilized for care management. Use of validated instruments and routine screening provides opportunity for early detection and treatment.


The purpose of this project was to educate employees of a nursing home on the use of the Geriatric Depression Screening (GDS) tool, implement it on two units of the nursing home, and evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of this quality improvement project.


An educational presentation was delivered to introduce the implementation plan, GDS screening tool, and protocol for data collection. Return demonstration was utilized to assess understanding of training. A 10-item evaluation tool was developed to understand staff experiences during the implementation.


The return demonstration revealed increased understanding for the nurses on identification of symptoms of depression. Use of the GDS was deemed overwhelmingly feasible and acceptable by staff.


Limitations of this project are high staff turnover rate and increased nurses’ workload due to COVID protocols, requiring frequent re-education.

Implication to Practice/Conclusion

Positive patient screening throughout this project led to early and appropriate interventions to manage symptoms and improved quality-of-life. It also led to routine screening of this nursing home residents on admission and every 6months. Early detection of depression symptoms through caregiver knowledge can provide timely treatment and improved quality of life.

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