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Fall 12-17-2021

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DNP Project

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Laurie Hopper

Project Team Faculty Member

Bernadette Sobczak


Low Dose CT, Lung Cancer, Preventative Screenings, Primary Care, Education



Lung cancer was ranked as the second most common cancer diagnosed in 2020 and had the highest death rate compared to all other cancers, excluding nonmelanoma skin cancers (ACS). Early detection is key in decreasing the mortality of lung cancer. A low dose CT (LDCT) is a yearly screening tool developed to detect lung cancer early in high-risk patients yet is much underutilized in primary care. The purpose of this project is to increase the number of LDCT orders placed for qualified patients to decrease the lung cancer mortality rate. There were two main methods for this project: education and mailed fliers. Provider education was increased with lunch and learn CME sessions and initiation of two new screening tools in the primary care offices. A flier was initiated to be mailed to be patients who may qualify for an LDCT. The project was 5 months long with a total of 157 LDCT ordered and performed by the targeted organization, a 65% increase in orders over baseline. Due to unexpected barriers and limitations of the mailed flier, it was unable to be sent out. The data for mailing took 60+ days to obtain via data analysts which was not enough time to get approval from marketing to mail fliers. This project was conducted on a smaller scale in one county, future replications can easily be implemented in a larger and more diverse primary care setting to reach more patients.

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