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Spring 5-7-2021

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DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Cynthia Schmidt

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Whitney Heischmidt


Simulation Evaluation, Simulation in Nursing Education, Value Analysis Model, Evaluation Instrument


Background: Evidence suggests that student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs) benefit from simulation in the educational curriculum (Turcato, Roberson, & Covert, 2008). When simulation is implemented into coursework, it is important to evaluate student learning and perceptions (Adamson & Kardong-Edgren, 2012), however, there are few standardized instruments available (Adamson et al., 2012; Doolan et al., 2016).

Objectives: The goal of this project was to provide the foundation for standardizing simulation evaluation tools within a midwestern university’s school of nurse anesthesia.

Methods: A presentation on the Value Analysis Model was developed through extensive use of the literature and collaboration with a content expert. As participants were walked through a fictional scenario, they learned how to write evaluations, interpret data, and calculate return on investment. The presentation was attended by simulation-focused faculty from the university, anesthesia students, and members of the St. Louis Simulation Interest Group. To promote project sustainability, a binder with information and resources on the Value Analysis Model was given to simulation faculty at the university for future use.

Results: Surveys were designed using the Value Analysis Model and responses were kept anonymous. Participants agreed that the material presented was important, relevant to their work, useful, and applicable. Participants also agreed that they gained a basic knowledge of the topic and how to apply it to simulation.

Conclusions: This project served as the first step toward developing standardized evaluation instruments for the university department of nurse anesthesia.

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