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Spring 5-7-2021

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DNP Project

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Cynthia Schmidt

Project Team Faculty Member

Leah Baecht

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Kevin Stein


Physical Well-being, Healthy Lifestyle Options, Emotional Well-being, Student Wellness, SRNA, Wellness



The AANA has identified stress management or wellness as a priority for all CRNA programs. The Health and Wellness Initiative put in place by the AANA in 2004 is a model designed for all SRNA programs and intended to address students’ participation in wellness events in order to combat stressors.

The primary purpose of this project was to gain information about the stress faced by SRNAs enrolled at a Midwestern University and to evaluate strategies that could help students properly deal with stress.

Methods and Evaluation

Fifty-five students participated in the survey, data were compared by year in the program. All students reported an increase in stress levels once they entered the CRNA program. The average change in reported stress from prior to anesthesia program entry to during school was a 29% increase for baseline stress levels and a 32% increase for peak stress levels. Students indicated the current Health and Wellness Program was “not very helpful”. The results indicated that the SIUE Wellness Events were most effective. Students would prefer not to have writing assignments, or other learning modules assigned to them which they view as merely “busy work”.


The immediate impact for this project will be to present the findings to the CRNA Program Administrators, it will be recommended that the Health and Wellness Program be revised to a format more conductive to students’ wellness with changes implemented consistent with students’ survey responses such as a self-guided wellness program.

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