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Spring 5-8-2021

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DNP Project

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Dr. April Schmidt


post-concussion syndrome, pediatric concussion clinic, concussion, needs assessment



Pediatric Concussion Clinic: A Needs Assessment

Concussions are a mild traumatic brain injury by a biomechanical force to the head. Concussion rates among youth are as high as 33 million per year worldwide. Most children recover within 4 weeks post injury; however, 30% of patients have delayed recovery. Recent studies have shown that evaluation by a concussion specialist within 1 week of injury results in quicker recovery. The purpose and goal of this project was to determine if there was a need for establishing a pediatric concussion clinic at Southern Illinois University Medicine. Study participants included pediatric providers from an academic institution in central Illinois caring for pediatric concussion patients. A 10-question questionnaire was given to the participants through Survey Monkey to maintain anonymity. Subsequently, a voice over PowerPoint presentation was sent to participants, along with a request to complete the questionnaire again. Of the 14 providers employed at this institution, 12 participated in the questionnaire prior to the presentation; however, only 5 completed the questionnaire after the presentation. Initial scores ranged from 38-100%. Post-presentation scores ranged from 88-100%. Nine of the participants stated they were likely/very likely to refer concussion patients to a pediatric concussion clinic. Only 2 participants stated they were not likely to do so. This information lends itself to support the implementation of a pediatric concussion clinic at Southern Illinois University Medicine.

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