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Spring 5-2021

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DNP Project

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Rebecca Collier

Project Team Faculty Member

Leah Baecht


Breastfeeding, lactation, perioperative, protocol, anesthesia, pharmacokinetics


Facilitating breastfeeding is a public health priority, as disruption in lactation is associated with adverse health outcomes for the breastfeeding mother and child (ACOG, 2016). The need to take medication, maternal illness, and hospitalization are among the most common reasons women cite for ceasing breastfeeding before their projected goal (Odom, Li, Scanlon, Perrine, & Grummer-Strawn, 2013). Providing a healthcare team that encourages breastfeeding during the perioperative period can minimize interruptions in breastfeeding and optimize the benefits for both the mother and infant (Simon, Carabetta, Rieth & Barnett, 2018). Unfortunately, many anesthesia providers lack confidence related to breastfeeding and drug transfer. An evidenced-based protocol utilizing reverse stoplight color-coding was created for the anesthesia department at a rural hospital in Illinois. The protocol allows for rapid identification of drugs that are safe or unsafe, to avoid a delay in breastfeeding after recovery from anesthesia. Participants surveyed after protocol introduction expressed willingness to adopt the protocol. Anesthesia providers will use the protocol as a guide when caring for breastfeeding mothers to streamline decision-making and minimize interruptions in lactation.

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