DNP Project Title

Improving Nurse Resilience

Date of Award

Fall 12-18-2020

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Elise Harmon

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Valerie Yancey


resilience, burnout, compassion fatigue


The national average nurse turnover rate was 18.2% in 2017 (Ackerson & Stiles, 2018). A contributing factor for nursing turnout rates was nurse burnout and compassion fatigue (Barratt, 2018; Cleary, Kornhaber, Thapa, West, & Visentin, 2018; Cope, Jones, & Hendricks, 2016; Magtibay, Chesak, Coughlin, & Sood, 2017; Delaney, 2018; Manomenidis, Panagopoulou, & Montgomery, 2019; Poulsen, 2015). Improvement in nurse resilience was revealed to reduce burnout and compassion fatigue in nurses (Ackerson & Stiles; Delaney). The primary goal of this quality improvement project was to evaluate the use and impact of resiliency education on the resiliency of nurses in the hospital setting whose turnover rate was 22.4%. The focus of the education included compassion fatigue, signs of burnout, and methods of mitigating risks of burnout and compassion fatigue. The implementation of the education was through a computer based learning module required to be completed by primary care nurses. A pre and post assessment using the CD-RISC was administered to assess the effectiveness of resilience training at the facility. The CD-RISC mean score pre-intervention was 78.99, and the post-intervention survey CD-RISC mean score decreased to 75.82 meaning the education was not effective in improving resilience. Despite the unexpected results of this project, useful information was gleaned regarding the importance of delivery methods with resilience education programs. The dedication to improve nurse resilience, however, remains a tenet and with necessary modifications, resilience education will continue to be delivered. Improvements in educational delivery and the implementation of interventions by nurse leaders serve as core ideologies to be utilized in the future to increase the important efforts of increasing nurse resilience.

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