Date of Award

Spring 5-7-2021

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Elise Harmon


falls in elderly, fall prevention, multidisciplinary approach, multifactorial fall interventions, fall risk assessment, post-fall huddles


Falls are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly in the United States. Patients in long-term care facilities are at increased risk for falls, accounting for 20 percent of fatal falls that require hospitalization. The economic and social burden of falls and fall-related injuries is significant. Fall-related injuries and their resulting expenditures are expected to increase substantially with the increasing aging population making this a problem of high priority. The literature recommends and supports incorporating evidence-based fall prevention initiatives into long-term care facility safety programs to address this problem. Based on the literature review and the facility's needs, a quality improvement project was implemented at a 180-bed long-term care facility in the north side of Chicago whose fall rate of 12.2 is five times higher than the national average of 2.74-5.48 per 1000 bed days. The project's purpose was to increase patient safety by adding new evidence-based fall prevention interventions to the facility's existing fall precautions to reduce fall incidences over time. The new fall prevention program included staff education, utilization of Morse Fall Score for fall risk assessment, incorporation of post-fall huddles, and creation of multidisciplinary fall prevention team and fall champions. Five weeks after implementing the program, data analysis showed a 40 percent reduction in fall rates, which suggests that adhering to the new fall prevention initiative may decrease the burden of future falls in this facility.

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