Date of Award

Spring 5-2021

Document Type

DNP Project

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Dr. Elise Harmon


WIfI classification system, chronic limb threatening ischemia, threatened limb, amputation prevention program


Chronic limb-threatening ischemia is a significant problem with increased morbidity and mortality along with the risk of amputation. With the increased prevalence of diabetes worldwide, the population of patients presenting with nonhealing ulcers shifted from purely ischemic ulcers to a more complex picture for wound healing. Amputation prevention programs were developed to care for this heterogeneous population of patients. However, with multiple disciplines, there was no unified classification system in use. The historical classification systems were not inclusive to evaluate all aspects of wound healing, the extent of the wound, amount of ischemia, and the presence of infection. The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) developed the wound, ischemia, foot infection (WIfI) classification system to address all three aspects of wound care and evaluate the risk of amputation at one year, along with the benefit of revascularization. This DNP project aimed to implement the SVS WIfI classification system into a local amputation prevention program. The SVS WIfI classification system education was provided through PowerPoint presentation during the monthly amputation prevention meeting; it was also disseminated through E-mail. A survey was conducted to evaluate the provider's attitudes and beliefs using the SVS WIfI classification system. The results demonstrated improvement in knowledge of the SVS WIfI classification system. A chart review was conducted after initial education throughout a two-month period, which revealed increased SVS WIfI classification system documentation.

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