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Spring 5-7-2021

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DNP Project

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Dr. Kevin Stein

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Debra Jenkins


GlideScope, McGRATH MAC, Video Laryngoscope, Difficult Airway, Airway Injury, Simulation


Video laryngoscopy poses a higher risk of airway injury than direct laryngoscopy when used for difficult intubations in the operating room. Education related to manufacturer guidelines, in addition to, routine simulation practice are vital to improving efficacy and patient safety when using video laryngoscopes. The purpose of this project was to provide education to anesthesia providers regarding the potential risk of airway injury through a presentation and mid-fidelity simulation experience. An in-person PowerPoint presentation was delivered to anesthesia providers, along with a simulation experience using an intubation trainer manikin to demonstrate the proper technique when using the GlideScope and McGRATH MAC Video Laryngoscope. A pocket reference tool was also created and distributed to all participants after the presentation. The participants completed a 10-question pre-test before the presentation and a 10-question post-test immediately following the presentation and simulation experience. The results from both tests were evaluated to determine the overall impact and effectiveness of the presentation and simulation experience. A post-implementation survey was also utilized, which consisted of an 11-question Likert Scale Survey with two open-ended questions. This was used to collect participant perceptions on how well the material was presented and the usefulness of the educational tools provided. The results of this quality improvement project implied there was an immediate impact on the participants’ level of knowledge related to the proper use of video laryngoscopes to avoid injury to the patient. The survey results suggested that the participants had an increase in confidence of video laryngoscope use when presented with a difficult intubation, along with the reinforcement of accurate use according to manufacturer guidelines. Recommendations of this project would be to continue to provide awareness to anesthesia providers of the potential airway injury risk associated with video laryngoscopy with further education and simulation experiences.

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