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Spring 5-2018

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DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Rebecca Collier

Project Team Faculty Member

Mary Zerlan


local anesthetics, LAST, local anesthetic systemic toxicity, intralipid, lipid emulsion, CBL education


Local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST) is a rare but life-threatening complication occurring after administration of local anesthetics. With the increasingly widespread use of local anesthetics (LAs), healthcare providers must be educated on safe administration, as well as recognition and treatment of LAST. This project involved the development of a computer-based learning (CBL) module for staff at a tertiary care center in central Illinois with a focus on the definition, characteristics, prevention, symptoms, and treatment of LAST.

Knowles’ adult learning theory served as the primary foundation and theoretical framework for the development of the CBL. A comprehensive review of the literature revealed the most recent evidence on contributing factors, prevention, and treatment of LAST. The project study design utilized a non-experimental pretest-posttest evaluation method completed by 430 study participants and results were used to evaluate if knowledge was enhanced after CBL completion. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and an improvement in posttest vs pretest average scores was appreciated. Thus, the outcomes of this project suggested that the use of a CBL module for comprehensive education on a low incidence, high mortality event, such as LAST, was beneficial in enhancing healthcare provider knowledge with the potential to improve patient outcomes.

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