Date of Award

Spring 5-7-2021

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DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Dr. Melissa Bogle DNP, FNP- BC, ACNP -BC

Project Team Faculty Member

Gregory Jennings MSN, APRN, FNP-C


Hill-Bone, Hypertension, Medication Compliance, Blood Pressure, Health literacy, HBP


Hypertension has been globally rated the most common non-communicable disease as well as the most common cause of premature death (Johnson, et al., 2019). The identified problem of focus for this project was to increase medication compliance within hypertensive patients as well as increase provider knowledge of compliance issues with the utilization of the Hill-Bone High Blood Pressure Compliance Scale. We administered a case study via Qualtrics to Illinois nurse practitioners via the ISAPN email list-serve. We provided an anonymous pre-and post-survey to each participant regarding their current area of practice, patient history taking behaviors, and views on the ease of use of the Hill-Bone High Blood Pressure Compliance Scale. Each individual was walked through a case study using the scale as if it were being used on a real patient. We had a total number of 87 nurse practitioners participate in our implementation process with 27 completing partial survey and 60 participants completing the survey in its entirety. Our implementation process provided us with the knowledge that 89.66% of the surveyors had never used the Hill-Bone Scale within their practice. The majority of providers agreed that they would consider using the tool within their practice and that barriers such as poor health literacy and poor communication were a major issue with medication compliance. After reviewing our case study, the APRNs reported that they were more likely to discuss medication compliance, dietary intake, and salt intake with their patients. The APRNs also agreed that the implementation of the Hill-Bone High Blood Pressure Compliance Scale could help increase blood pressure medication compliance among their patients. Evidence is clear that improving medication compliance for patients with hypertension is important. We recommend that the Hill-Bone High Blood Pressure Compliance Scale be implemented into practice to demonstrate the positive impact on the compliance of hypertensive patients.

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