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Spring 5-8-2020

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DNP Project

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Andrew Griffin

Project Team Faculty Member

Bernadette Sobczak


trauma informed care


Trauma-informed care (TIC) is an approach that enables healthcare clinicians to understand the effects of trauma and create a safer environment. Providers acknowledge the pervasive nature of trauma but lack proper tools and training to implement. It has been suggested that trauma is the prime determinant of health outcomes. Therefore, providing training and cultivating a change towards a trauma-informed organization, has the capability to change health outcomes.

The purpose of this project was to establish a program at SIU Medicine in which new employees are trained on the importance of TIC. Working closely with the Director of Population and Community Health Integration at SIU Healthcare, we began the project by developing education modules to be presented at new employee orientation. We subsequently presented information at each session throughout the summer. After each presentation, we surveyed new employees to better understand their reception to TIC. Evaluation through survey and focus groups indicated positive trends and a move towards changing culture. Participants were receptive to the information and offered many questions with how TIC will look in their own individual workplaces throughout SIU. Implementing education was the first step to creating a trauma-informed organization which serves many high-risk patients in central Illinois.

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