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Spring 5-8-2020

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DNP Project

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Valerie Griffin

Project Team Faculty Member

Jerrica Ampadu


self-care, self-monitoring, self-management, self-care maintenance, self-care management, barriers to self-management, health literacy, diabetes education, and T2DM


Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) has been shown to improve diabetes management. A Midwest, private family practice did not offer formal diabetes education. The purpose of this project was to increase patient education for recently diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes who had not yet reached their management goals. A second purpose was to develop quality educational material for the provider in this practice. These objectives were met by identifying patients who were not at the optimal goal of HgA1c of 7% per the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines and providing quality diabetes education and follow up to these individuals. Patients were provided comprehensive education regarding the disease process, meal plans, plate configurations, medication information, names and phone numbers of dietitians in the area, and education on foot and eye care. An education binder with DSMES literature and new patient packets were developed along with waiting and exam room signs to remind the provider and patients that diabetes education is available. Ninety-five percent of patients surveyed stated that the education was helpful, and they learned something they did not know regarding the management of diabetes. Following review and implementation of the educational binder, the provider reported satisfaction with the content and plans to continue implementation of this educational program.

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