DNP Project Title

Healthy Jacksonville

Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2020

Document Type

DNP Project

Project Team Faculty Member

Mary Zerlan

Project Team Faculty Member

Kim White


community health, needs assessment, resource registry



According to the Morgan County Community Needs Assessment, a significant opportunity for improvement exists in healthcare access among individuals in the northeast region of Jacksonville, Illinois. Tools to screen clients, interventions to identify the healthcare needs, and access to appropriate resources can promote improved health of individuals and the community. The Healthy Jacksonville Initiative was created to improve access to healthcare and community resources for the underserved people of Jacksonville, Illinois. The goal of this project was to implement a community resource registry and individualized needs assessment for community health care workers to use in order to better serve the clients of the Healthy Jacksonville Initiative and people in the surrounding community.

Community healthcare workers implemented the tools in practice for five months. A brief, post-intervention survey was obtained to evaluate the community healthcare workers’ opinions on the tools ease of use, efficiency, and relevance in their workflow. The results of the surveys indicate community healthcare workers affiliated with the Healthy Jacksonville Initiative found the tools overall beneficial in practice. Follow-up evaluation is required to determine if long-term implementation would be successful for community health workers to aid the participants of the Healthy Jacksonville Initiative and people of the surrounding community.

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