Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2022

First Advisor

Jayashree George

Second Advisor

Megan Robb

Third Advisor

Shelly Goebl-Parker


Transgender people are marginalized and pathologized within our society, which leaves transgender individuals vulnerable to numerous negative outcomes. The minority stress model describes the factors experienced by marginalized communities contribute to adverse outcomes (Meyer, 2015). Health care professionals are often not properly equipped to serve the needs of transgender individuals due to marginalization and pathologization. Used to challenge harmful stereotypes, as a form of cultural resistance, and to incite social change comic books and zines have been used as forms of expression for individuals with marginalized identities. Through the creation of a comic book, I aimed to educate others, encourage feelings of empathy, and reduce erasure of transgender people. Findings highlight the necessity of positive transgender representation for trans individuals and how interacting with stories of trans folks can encourage empathy and educate others about transgender individuals and their experiences.

Trans Comic (1).pdf (36722 kB)
The completed comic book

QR card.png (459 kB)
Image showing the QR code which links to the online version of the comic.