Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2022

First Advisor

Jayashree George

Second Advisor

Megan Robb

Third Advisor

Elizabeth Goebl-Parker


This research explores existing literature involving the role of Relational Cultural Therapy and emotion recognition on the therapeutic alliance. This exploration is accomplished through an extended literature review focusing specifically on emotion recognition, RCT, and the therapeutic alliance, with an additional focus on art therapy. The themes discussed center around emotional expression and recognition, rupture and repair in the therapeutic relationship, and connection, disconnection, and mutual empathy through a relational-cultural lens. Themes and patterns were identified within this area of study and how this field of research has developed over time. This study found support for therapist emotion recognition abilities and the use of an RCT framework in creating and strengthening therapeutic alliances. In regard to art therapy, foundational information was found in incorporating emotion recognition and RCT in the building of alliances in the art therapy process.

Included in

Art Therapy Commons