Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2023

First Advisor

Megan Robb

Second Advisor

Jayashree George

Third Advisor

Shelly Goebl-Parker


Pornography is not a new phenomenon in our culture or world. With the expansion of the affordability, accessibility, and anonymity of pornography, demand and consumption rates have also escalated, along with the adverse impact associated with this growth (Coopersmith, 2006 as cited by Dines, 2017). This two-year grant proposal seeks to focus its efforts on serving children, the population being exposed to this widespread phenomenon (Wright, Paul, et al., 2021). The full-time art therapist will carry out trauma-informed prevention and intervention methods to advocate for the mental and physical health of children in individual, relational, and community contexts. This will be accomplished through direct and indirect services by establishing an art therapy position to provide individual counseling, facilitating small-group psychoeducation sessions, and organizing community screening events.