Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2023

First Advisor

Megan Robb

Second Advisor

Jayashree George

Third Advisor

Shelly Goebl-Parker


This single-participant phenomenological case study seeks to determine how a female combat veteran experiences art therapy. The case study participant is a female veteran who served in Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. While painting on a single canvas, the participant followed Miller’s El Duende process painting procedure (2012) and kept a written and pictorial journal of the experience. The research involved five sessions during which the participant annotated her thoughts and feelings on the experiential expressions chart for each session. These charts were analyzed to identify the mechanism of change in art therapy for the participant. The participant’s journals indicated initial tension followed by insight and relaxation by the end of each session, signifying that the process provided a means for emotional release as the veteran explored her inner feelings and memories by painting them into her artwork.

Included in

Art Therapy Commons